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Instead of a gift basket, why not give your precious pet a "Gift Bowl" or "Gift Bed" for those special times like birthdays or holidays that are specialized JUST for your pet's unique likes or needs. We also provide all natural "Pet Treats" for all kinds of pets. Or how about an all natural personalized "Canine Cake" to let Fido celebrate in style for Birthday's or even Weddings! We also will throw a "Pet Party" for your pampered pet, for whatever occasion you feel they may want to celebrate with friends and family. Call and ask about ALL the de-"tails"!!


Having trouble keeping your pets' claws from ruining your furniture and floors? To fix your problem we now offer "Soft Paws" for your furry friends. They come in all different colors, patterns, and even sparkles!  They're stylish, safe, and protective! (Special orders can be made for MANY other colors then shown above!) Prices  for the "Soft Paws" includes application.
  • $40.00 front paws only, single color
  • $50.00 front & back, single color
$10.00 for each additional color added during application.


These make great gifts for those who use A Perfect Pet regularly!

Contact us for more information or fill out our Gift Certificate form.

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